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NEW!! Glass Art - Mini Hedgehog

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These adorable  little glass hedgehogs are our newest mini creation.  A single hedgehog can make a perfect gift, but they are even cuter when paired with our glass bee.  Plus, you can also buy them as a "prickle"...that's right, a group of hedgehogs is sometimes know as a prickle - how cute is that?  Refer to the third photo for a prickle of four hedgehogs.

Please note that these pieces take 3-5 business days to make.

Our hedgehogs are handmade entirely in our studio, by melting and sculpting an array of different lampwork coloured glass to form each little feature.  Each hedgehog is attached to a pure copper wire "stem", 9cm in length so they fit perfectly with our bouquets (refer final photo for an example with our tiny jewelled bouquet, available separately).  

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