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Glass Art - Handmade Glass Multi-Beaded Necklaces - Lavender Blues and Greens

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These unique and beautiful glass pieces have been lovingly handmade from scratch.

Containing a chain of deliciously coloured beads, they vary in size from 2cm in 1.5cm-3cm wide.  Each bead contains several layers of different colours of glass.  Special techniques, not to mention, a lot of time and care has gone into creating each one of them.

Containing multiple shades of three different colourways, they "light up" in the sun and glisten under artificial light.  

A woven sterling silver cable, 45cm in length has been used to link the glass pieces together.  Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal of similar colours have been added between each bead to enhance the beauty of the necklace.

PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH GLASS BEAD IS HANDMADE SO THESE NECKLACES ARE ONE-OFF.  We can custom make to other colour requests or make similar necklaces if sold out, but not exactly the same.  For any queries, contact us for details: 

Selma Rainey is a self-taught lampwork artist, and she has been designing and making glass beads for thirteen years.   Using soft glass rods, imported from Venice and a specialised "lampwork" torch, plus a kiln specially for glass (which cools down the kiln as well as annealing/hardening beads), these unique little pieces of art are created, one at a time.

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