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Glass Art - Rosebud Earrings

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These unique and beautiful glass pieces have been lovingly handmade from scratch. 

Selma says, "I have been making these rosebud earrings for as long as I can remember.wide.  They are one of my favourite things to create, mainly because I love their shape!" 

These sweet earrings come in different colours  and slightly different sizes - let us know if you prefer small (1.8cm rosebud) , medium (2.2cm) or slightly larger (2.4cm) sizes.   The picture shows a few lovely colours, but we will put up a few more images once they come out of the kiln, very soon, including red, orange and yellow.

They come with sterling silver hooks unless you would like brass, copper or surgical steel.

PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH GLASS BEAD IS HANDMADE SO THESE NECKLACES ARE ONE-OFF.  We can custom make to other colour requests or make similar necklaces if sold out, but not exactly the same.  For any queries, contact us for details: 

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