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Glass Art - Lampwork Red Poppy Necklace

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Our newest lampwork flower, made from scratch.  This red poppy necklace contains our very own hand-made glass flower, on a gorgeous silver-plated “satellite” style chain.  The chain is 45cm and comes with an extender.

Each flower is approximately 18mm-20mm in diameter.

15% of this sale goes to our national RSA (retired services association).  The poppy is a symbol of Armistice Day, marking the end of WWI.  Poppies flourished in the soil churned up by the fighting and shelling, in the landscapes, particularly on the Western Front.

These glass flowers have been hand-sculpted by winding molten transparent and opaque red glass over a super-hot flame.  Simple tools and a careful hand have been used to provide shaping and detail to each flower.  Each piece is placed in a kiln to cool and harden for strength and durability.

Please allow up to 3 business days, as we may have to make to order.

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