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NEW!! Glass Art - "La Femme" Bouquet

NEW!! Glass Art - "La Femme" Bouquet

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A beautiful mini bouquet inspired by women.  The double layers and different colours of glass that I've use to create each flower has resulted in new blends The contrasting colours of rich, vivid tones and sweet, brighter shades are meant to represent the qualities of a woman, including passion, spirituality, sweetness, kindness, selflessness, soulfulness and strength. 

This bouquet contains a dozen dual toned flowers.  You can purchase this bouquet with or without our new little bees - choose what you would like from the drop down menu.  Bees can also be purchased separately.

Please note these items take around 5-7 business days to make.

Our bouquets are handmade using high quality glass that have been melted, sculpted and molded into different shapes.  Stems are made from pure copper wire and are 9cm long.

This bouquet and these bees are handmade entirely by me using a technique called lampwork.  Using a specialised torch, I melt, sculpt and mold the flowers using molds and free form techniques.  Each flower is a little different, which is the nature of handmade jewellery.

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