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NEW!! Glass Art - Secret Garden Half Hoop Earrings - Medium

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Spring is just around the corner and these “Secret Garden” earrings are a perfect way to start celebrating!  These gorgeous new earrings are so unique, delicate and totally romantic.  Lovingly handcrafted, these half hoop earrings are made from Venetian glass and sterling silver. 

They come in two colours and two sizes.  The first photo has earrings with a “green vine” base, and the second is a “natural coloured” base.

These take 7 business days to make (not including shipping time), so please let us know if you need it sooner.

I make each piece by melting different colours of glass over a hot torch (lampworking), then combining them into complex “vines” or “branches”. Then I carefully create hoop shapes from this glass and melt other complex colours to create tiny pink and purply-blue flowers and leaves.  It is a delicate process, as each step can’t be rushed, and melting glass while keeping the hoop in shape is pretty tricky!

Please note that you will get the pieces very close to what is shown in the photos, but each one will be a little different as they are created free-form/free-hand. 

Sterling silver backs/posts and butterfly closures.  These pieces are delicate so you will have to take care when putting them on and store them safely each time you take them off.

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