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NEW!! Glass Art - Grand Tropical Lily Bouquet

NEW!! Glass Art - Grand Tropical Lily Bouquet

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Our tropical lilies take our mini art glass flowers to the next level!  The intense shades in these bright and beautiful florals have been achieved by blending layers of coloured glass, along with complex techniques to shape various parts of each lily, from  the petals to the stamens.

These mini-sized lilies are sold as an entire bouquet, with eight flowers in total.  You will receive four juicy orange flowers and two each of electric yellow, one passion purple flower and one orchid pink flower.  You can also purchase our lilies in a smaller bouquet or individually (please refer to separate listings).  

Lilies are approximately 25-28mm in diameter and the stems are 9cm long.  Stems are made from copper wire.

Please note this bouquet takes 10 business days to make.

These flowers are made from Venetian glass, using the lampwork technique.  Glass is melted over a hot torch, then sculpted into different forms.  Once complete, the piece is placed in a kiln to cool down and anneal (harden).  

Our forever flowers are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, but please be careful with them since they are made of glass.

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