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NEW!! Glass Art - Wild Strawberry "Specialised" Bouquet

NEW!! Glass Art - Wild Strawberry "Specialised" Bouquet

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Our newest bouquet now features beautiful berries - this one contains rich red strawberries, accompanied by gorgeous strawberry flowers and leaves.

All berries, flowers and leaves are made by hand, free-form (no molds used) and painstaking detail has been applied to each piece to resemble life-like objects.  The lampwork technique has been used to create them, including melting Venetian glass over a super hot torch, then kiln-firing to ensure durability.

Our strawberries measure approximately 14 to 16mm in length and flowers are 12mm in diameter.  Leaves are 11mm long.   Copper stems are 9cm long.  

Please note this bouquet will take 5-7 business days to make.

You will receive 2 berries, 2 flowers and 3 leaves in this bouquet.  Please note that the final image shows this bouquet and other bouquet options, but the latter are not included, however you can purchase these separately.

We guarantee the high quality of our work, but they are made of glass so please handle with care.

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