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Anzac Range - Enamel Red Poppy Studs

Anzac Range - Enamel Red Poppy Studs

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Anzac Day is April 25 and poppies are worn as a show of support for our Anzacs.  

The red poppy is worn to commemorate women and men who served our countries during WWI. 
Our poppy stud earrings are have  handmade sterling silver posts and each poppy measures 11.5mm x 11.5mm. 

All of our poppy designs are created by us, in our home studio in Christchurch.  We take pure copper and cut and dome it by hand.  Then we sift a thick layer of vitreous (glass) enamel onto the copper.  This piece is then kiln-fired to achieve an even and glossy finish.  The black, domed centres of the poppy studs are lampworked glass pieces that we also have made and adhered to the enamel with care.

Also available as purple poppies.

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