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NEW!! Glass Art - Lily of the Valley Bouquet

NEW!! Glass Art - Lily of the Valley Bouquet

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Our new mini art glass bouquet contains one of my all-time favourite flowers, Lily of the Valley.  This elegant spray of flowers contains nine small and delicate flowers and 2 sturdy, large leaves.  

This bouquet has been made by the process of lampwork.  Each bell-shaped flower has been crafted carefully and their petals have been shaped to resemble lily of the valley flowers in natural form.  A tiny glass stamen has been placed into the centre of each flower, so that they are just visible from the bottom.   Little caps have been formed at the base of each flower in swirls of green add a final touch to these blooms.

The leaves are quite magical; complex techniques along with multiple shades of green have been applied to result in these beautiful, broad shaped leaves, patterned with striped olive and forest greens.

Flowers are around 6-8mm in diameter and stems are approximately 9cm from the base of the stem to the top of the flower cap. The leaves measure 7 to 8cm.


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